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The Google cloud platform is a web-based GUI that can monitor Google Cloud tasks and resources. Google Cloud is associated with physical assets like PCs and hard disc drives, as well as virtual resources like virtual machines (VMs), both of which are housed in Google’s data centers around the world. Consequently, the need for associate cloud engineer certification in Noida has escalated over the years.

What you might learn as software/hardware components represent services in cloud technology. Connection to the underlying infrastructure is provided by these services. The list of Google Cloud services is extensive, and it continues to expand.

You can learn more about it by taking up the Google cloud course from our AP2V training center in Noida and get vast career opportunities. 

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the backbone of cloud services, allowing businesses and organizations to develop and run their apps on Google’s platforms, which are used in many popular Google products like Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Search, etc. Individuals can enjoy all-important Google Cloud Platform resources, like big data, networking, management, compute engine, mobile phones, and developer tools. 

We, at AP2V Academy, provide Google associate cloud engineer certification in Noida to both professionals and students. You will proceed to learn the module and receive your professional Google Cloud certification in Noida owing to our years of industry experience and professional instructors. Our cloud technology curriculum charges are incredibly low, ensuring that you get enough value for your buck and that you pursue your dream work.

We will help you in the classroom activities with impressive credentials, practical exercises, and state-of-the-art technology as a top Google cloud training institute in Noida. AP2V Noida also provides Google data engineer certification

Course Brief: Google Cloud Course Overview

If you’re searching for Google Cloud training or a Google Cloud online course, AP2V Noida will assist you in the process, from selecting the appropriate course standard to in-depth research, interview preparation, and placement in a job that matches your skills and knowledge.

Benefits of learning Google Cloud course with AP2V Academy:

Google Cloud online training courses at AP2V Academy Noida will help you to gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skill sets. Following are the summary of the Google Cloud certification online course:

  • First comes the introduction part
  • Then you will learn about Google Computes’ various choices, such as Google Container Engine, Google Compute Engine, and Google App Engine
  • Basic knowledge and skills on Instance Management and Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Links to Linux and Windows instances, as well as additional Google cloud commands
  • Detailed knowledge of database solutions for cloud storage
  • You will also learn about IP addresses, firewall guidelines, and Virtual Privacy Cloud.
  • Using the Google Cloud Platform, you’ll learn how to build and set up lightweight, portable, and repeatable software components.

How Google Cloud free courses from AP2V Noida over other institutions can benefit your career?

Although the Google Cloud Platform course is available both online and offline and does not provide mastering of the topic. You’ll need professional support along the way to answer your questions and make sure you’re using the functions and technologies correctly. Our instructors analyze actual case studies in-depth, ensuring that you gain the most insight and experience possible.

The Google cloud-certified associate cloud engineer himself will assist you in your associate cloud engineer certification course from AP2V Academy in Noida. At AP2V Noida, we’ve built the ideal course for individuals interested in being Google Cloud accredited. 

The key benefits that AP2V will provide you in Google associate cloud engineer certification training in Noida are:

  • Our training programs are focused on real-world projects and industry expectations, ensuring that you are prepared to join the industry with optimism and expertise.
  • Our integration in the classroom includes a variety of settings, including our exemplary workshops, online sessions, corporate meetings, and one-on-one workshops. You may choose the learning method that best fits your needs.
  • We also provide training at different times and places so that all of our students can learn about the various Google Cloud resources at their leisure.
  • We’ve also designed laboratories with the most up-to-date software and hardware so you can feel like you’re operating in a real office.
  • Each classroom has Wi-Fi and screens to make learning more convenient.
  • We will provide you with study materials, worksheets, case studies, projects, and most importantly a well-paid job.


  1. What is GCP? 

The Google Cloud Platform is a cutting-edge architecture that includes a variety of open-source cloud computing resources. Big data, data storage, machine learning; etc are all available via GCP.

  1. Are the Google Cloud training courses at AP2V Noida affordable?

Yes, we have Google Cloud training at a very affordable rate in AP2V Noida. 

  1. What are the requirements for joining the Google Cloud course?

There are no such requirements. Individuals who are in charge of developing, designing, implementing, and implementing big data solutions can opt for it. 

  1. How many modules are there in Google Cloud Course?

There are a total of 12 modules, each of around 1.5 hours. 

  1. Does AP2V Academy in Noida provide job training and placements?

Yes, we assist in both job training and placements for the Google Cloud course.

  1. Are the faculties and mentors well-trained and certified?

Yes, we have a set of well-trained and skilled professionals for imparting knowledge.