Google Maps Data Extraction A Legal Activity

Is Google Maps Data Extraction A Legal Activity?

It is now possible and legal to extract data from Google Maps quickly and use the most interesting business information for your b2b business and b2b marketing campaigns.

Google Map Extractor

What Exactly Is Google Maps Data Scraping?

Instead, Google Maps scraping will literally extract the business listings, collect the data you are looking for from Google Maps, and then structure that data in an easy-to-understand format for later use.

Google Map Extractor automates this process, allowing users to find, extract, and export data from Google Maps to Excel automatically with a click of a button. This means that you can automatically find the best b2b leads (including all your publicly available information) and then use them to speed up your lead generation and marketing process.

Why Should You Try To Scrape Google Maps Data?

Even with the assistance of Google Maps Scraper, scraping the entire Google Maps for data will yield generic results.

For B2B companies, focusing on Google Maps for data collection will yield much better results. Google Maps is packed with restaurants, hotels, local and international businesses who are target audiences in almost all B2B markets.

With nearly 1 billion users and around 12 million businesses, it’s a wealth of information to help you grow your business faster.

Google Maps Data Extractor gives you the ability to leverage all of that data to create a personalized list of potential business owners with all the information you need to create effective awareness campaigns.

The real question should be, why don’t you use Google Maps for b2b data collection?

How To Extract Data From Google Maps With Google Maps Extractor?

From our tool Google Maps Listing Scraper, data extraction from Google Maps has been so simple and fast. All you have to do from the Google Maps Business Extractor dashboard is:

  • Find the business with name, zip code, or business listing URL.
  • Select the search results for data scraping (you can apply filters like email scraping only, etc.)
  • Click on the “Extract Button” to extract data from selected Google Maps search results. ( Google Maps Lead Extractor will scrape data from 1200-1500 business listings in a day)
  • When the data extraction process is complete then click on the “export button” to get data in CSV, Excel, or Text files.

What Kind Of Data Can We Extract From Google Maps With Google Maps Extractor?

We can scrape all the publicly available data from a business listing, for example:

Business Name and Description

Emails and Phone Numbers ( If not given on business listing the Google Maps Email Extractor will find and extract email and phone numbers from the business website)

Website Link

Ratings & Reviews

Latitude & Longitude

Business Hours

Established Date

Country Code and much more.

Why Scraping Data From Google Maps With Google Maps Extractor Is Legal?

Officially, Google Maps is not a fan of data scraping and discourages web scrapers from scraping business data. However, data scraping is now a legal activity and you can scrape data as much as you want with the help of the Google Maps Contact Extractor.

Google Maps Reviews Scraper will scrape only publicly available data. Data scraping of publicly available data is not an illegal task and therefore Google Maps Grabber does not violate any privacy rights of Google Maps.

Worried that Google Maps will detect that you are using software to extract data from Google Maps to Excel? We have thought of everything! It works as a human working. The Google Maps Data miner software works as a human is searching data and copying and pasting data. But it does it 100 times faster than a human. So, you don’t need to worry about being blocked.

That’s it, now you know how to extract data from Google Maps business listing in bulk.

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