What are the Different Styles of Eyeliner and their Look

Eyeliner is one of the most used and loved cosmetics. Almost every person uses an eyeliner daily or routinely. Also, eyeliner has a long history, and it has been in use for a long time. The reason behind the popularity of eyeliner is that it can change the complete look of the eyes. The look of the eyes changes the appearance of a person. So an individual can look different with just an eyeliner.

The eyeliners are now available in a variety of types. Different types of eyeliner have different qualities. These varieties are packaged in personalized boxes. The tailor-made packaging is necessary for different eyeliners as they contain different forms. For instance, the gel eyeliner comes in a small container while the liquid liner has the bottle. Therefore, every type has custom eyeliner boxes that are fitting for it.

Eyeliner Styles and Their Looks:

There are many ways to wear eyeliner around the world. People of different regions have variable methods and styles to wear eyeliner. As every human being has their preference, so wearing styles of the liner has become flexible. Also, it greatly depends on the look people prefer. If someone likes to have a sharp look, they will wear cat eyeliner, while if someone wants a heavy look, they will wear winged eyeliner. Thus, the style varies on region and preference. Here are some different eyeliner styles and the appearance they will give: 

Classic Stroke:

For a long time, the use of eyeliner was to draw a simple stroke over the eyelid. Many still prefer this simple and elegant style of eyeliner. The stroke must be thin in starting and gradually become thick as you move towards the eye corner. This simple curve makes the eye look professional and slightly prominent.

Fox Eyeliner:

The fox eyeliner gives the eyes a foxlike shape. The liner extends outward from the corner of the eye and slightly below from the inner lower lash. Overall the eyes look sharp with a wolf-like appearance. Thus, they give an alluring gaze to a person. Also, the eyes appear elongated and slanted like a fox.

Cat Eyeliner:

The cat eyeliner is one of the most famous styles to wear liner. It is often confused with wing eyeliner. It is comparatively sharper. In cat-eye style, the liner covers both lash lines above and below. Then, this liner extends to the outer corner and ends a small triangle. The best method to wear cat eyeliner is to start from the center of the eye. Then, draw a straight line from the outer corner to the end, and join the center of the eyelash to form a triangle. Fill this triangle to get the perfect cat eyeliner that will make the eyes appear dramatic and sharp.  

Winged Eyeliner:

Wing eyeliner has become a trend nowadays. It is the go-to style for parties and various events. For this, start from the inner eye and gradually extend to the outer eye. The liner must be thin at the start and must become thicker gradually. When you have drawn till outer eye, create a small flick or wing in an upward direction. This style looks attractive and gives a fierce and powerful look. The wing eyeliner defines the eyes and their shape.

Smokey Eyeliner:

You can use a pencil liner to get smoky eyes. For this, apply the liner around the eye and smudge it slightly. The smudging must be balanced to get a perfect look. The smoky eyes look very prominent and attractive. Also, this style significantly enhances their feel.

Arabian Eyeliner:

The eyeliner can be used on both upper and lower eyelashes. The Arabian eyeliner style is about to go all-in with the liner. You will draw a liner around the eye. Firstly, start from the upper inner eyelash corner and extend outward. Then draw the liner one the below eyelash and join with the upper one. This gives the eye a dreamy and exotic look.


In conclusion, eyeliner can be used in different styles to get many looks. The liner can have a dramatic effect on the eyes. Also, there are many types of eyeliner in the market. When going through eyeliner boxes, you will find different products suitable for many wearing styles.