Restaurants in East Legon

Looking out for restaurants in East Legon? Get some of the finest food delicacies in Ghana. From pizza to Chinese food delivery, get authentic taste of food while staying in Africa. Visit finest range of restaurants in East Legon.

Places to Visit in East Legon :

East Legon is a town in Accra Metropolitan district. There are lot of places to visit in Ghana. Plan a trip to East Legon that is known for Kwame Nkrumah Memorial park, Labadi seaside and Osu castle. Visit the Black Star Square, National museum of Ghana, for cultural heritage tour and travel. Legon is a suburb of Ghanian city. It is located almost twelve kilometers. It is located in city centre in Accra Metropolis district.

Ghana refers University of Ghana as legon. East Legon is a half an hour drive from Kotoka International airport. Indulge in outdoor activities with Accra city tour services. There are vacation photographer in Accra while taking a walking tour. There are waterfalls that are worth visiting.

Restaurants in East Legon :

Some of the top restaurants in East Legon are : Santoku, The venue, La Chaumere, Simret the Taste of Ethiopia, The Neem Grill, Red Red restaurant, Jasmine Cafe & Restaurant, Le Must, Kozo, Burger and Relish East Legon and many others. Learn about history and culture and discover nature at Shai Hills. There are options for private kayaking in Ghana with lunch facility. Indulge in a private full day Ghanaian delicacy and dessert tour in Accra. Look out for exciting holiday destination with interesting attractions. Get incredible deals with sightseeing trips. Book flights, hire cars and reserve hotel rooms for a trip to Ghana. Indulge in adventure and outdoor services with tours and day trips.Take a Ghanian adventure safari with Ghana heritage and industrial tour.

Places to stay in East Legon :

Plan your stay at The Adina Guest house, Vilandro residence, Oasis Park residence, The Gallery Premier suites and Cozy apartments in Ghana. 

The guest house is situated in Greater Accra region. Get air conditioner accommodation with private parking and free Wifi facility. There are accommodation with in-house restaurant facility that serve authentic Ghanaian food  and delicacy.

Food served in Ghana:

Some of the food served in Ghana are burgers, coffee, tea, wraps, salad and smoothies. Get fried rice with non vegetarian assortments.

Book a trip to East Legon in Ghana Africa and learn about traditional cooking and culinary trips. There are several sightseeing destination in Ghana. Visit some of the authentic places and learn about, food, culture and history of East Legon.

Restaurant for outdoor enthusiast :

There are traveling room and restaurants in Ghana for outdoor enthusiast. Turkish food are available in Ghana. Visit some of the affordable restaurants in Ghana. Chez Clarisse Mama African is an authentic restaurant that serves yam and chicken. There are restaurants like Koffee Lounge that serves Chinese and Ghanian food. Gt impressive culinary food with breakfast food, sandwiches, snacks and vegetarian options. Get generous helping of jollof rice. There are tasty sampling menu with unmatched flexibility. There are different flavors plated for travelers.

Visit Gladys market  that is situated on La-Bawaleshie Road in East Legon.  From Pizza to Chinese delicacy get some of the assorted range of food delicacy in Ghana. Visit African City cuisines for premium private dining facilities. Get African food and continental dishes with African culinary flavors. Visit the Eddy’s Pizza that delivers hot tasty pizzas, desserts and pastries in warm family atmosphere. Visit Soho restaurant that provides classy cozy atmosphere. It is suitable for business and executive lunches. There are weekend treat for families. Visit local restaurants like Nayas Pizza, Alexander Plaza Hotel, Tuo Restaurant & Grill, Soho restaurants. Visit the Crown Apartment hotel that serves authentic delicious food.  Visit restaurants in East Legon for authentic Turkish, and Chinese food.