How Website SEO Audit Can Boost Your Rankings?

Have you ever found yourself head-scratching in the facade of your Google Analytics screen, endeavouring to comprehend why there is a sudden decline in organic search traffic? Or does your website not draw clients? Or perhaps your SEO hierarchies are beginning to shift downwards, and you don’t understand why? If that is your subject, that could be the right moment to do a website SEO audit. Further, an SEO site audit is a procedure of reviewing specific elements suitable for SEO by a specialist team or a seasoned professional. It usually rotates around technical subjects, site construction issues, content, link facility, and user understanding.

Why is there a need to do a website SEO audit?

Unless you are executing your business exclusively through some social media description, your website is the essential hub for most of your online existence. If you do not audit your website regularly for SEO gaps and prospects, you will inevitably mislay organic search traffic. The algorithms of search engines are changing frequently and are usually challenging to maintain unless you’re an SEO expert yourself. You need to audit your website:

  • The website SEO audit will enable you to review the trustworthiness of the technical structure of your website, estimate how optimised it is for search engines, and decide how comfortable it is for users to guide and intuitively discover content on the website.
  • The website SEO audit will pinpoint neglected SEO options (on-page SEO) and encounter SEO errors (for example, keyword filling, blunders in internal linking, and low-grade content).
  • The website SEO audit will also assess the significance of the website in terms of conversions and lead generation.

What does a website SEO audit include?

Below are the elements of a comprehensive SEO website analysis:

Technical audit

Technical audit is similar to conducting a check-up against impending technical issues such as concerns with hosting and indexing, crawl errors, and others.

Content examination

The examination of content for site auditing is related to researching appropriate keywords, preciseness of the metadata, content maps, etc.

Usability study

This element deals with the comprehensiveness of the interface of your website, designing the website right, are there any distracting fonts or colours, finding whether there is a navigation of breadcrumbs, is too much information required to fill the lead form, etc.

Backlink investigation

It relates to the quality of external links that lead to your website, from sheer numbers to linking the trust of domains and the anchors used.

Boosting your ranking through a website SEO audit

You can boost the ranking of your website if you employ the following tools:

  • SE Ranking

The most widespread website checker for a website SEO audit is SE ranking. It comprises different parameters and enables you to review your site from several aspects such as technical SEO,  UX, content, etc. It conceals everything related to external and internal links, technical errors, usability, content issues, and image analysis. After conducting a website SEO audit, you get a complete audit statement with all subjects and download it to communicate with your teammates. SR ranking is the best website SEO audit tool with broad functionality sufficient for reviewing any site.

  • Screaming Frog for a website SEO audit

It is a renowned site crawler to gain technical knowledge on your site undertaking. It determines the destroyed links and links with pages and redirects within too long or too short or identical title pages and tags, where tags are equivalent to H1 titles. Screaming Frog also demonstrates information on fundamental meta tags assessed by the Google crawlers.

  • Structured data testing mechanism of Google

It is a mechanism to assess the structured information markup on your website, permitting you to optimise it. Appropriately structured data generally helps to rank in Google and different search engines.

  • Hotjar for a website SEO audit

It is a suite of mechanisms used in UX research as visitor recording, heatmaps, on-site votings, and surveys. It all enables us to understand the behaviour of the users, their choices and brings their feedback.

  • Growth Bar for a website SEO audit

It is an extension in the chrome browser that allows conducting keyword analysis, competitive research, and SEO reporting. This mechanism makes it effortless to evaluate the execution of contending websites and notice which keywords, traffic channels, and backlinks are achieving outcomes for your opponents.


A regular and comprehensive SEO audit is necessary for all websites, regardless of their traffic and size. If you feel you are doing good for your site, still some concerns can influence your rankings shortly. Correspondingly, gratitude to the unrestrained website SEO audit, you can discover attributes for future growth. For this, there is no need to employ a third-party professional or get SEO audit assistance for your website from other businesses.